An electrical service company can offer work for both residential and commercial customers. Both of these types of electrical services take different skill sets and experience. It is important to work with a company that is fully licensed and insured. Looking further into the different types of services that are offered, any homeowner or business owner can hire an electrical company for a wide range of repairs. If you are looking to make electrical upgrades onto your home, garage, or even your office, this can also be contracted out.

Some of the services in the range of the residential type of work can include inspections, inspection changes so that you meet all code requirements, and it will include the installation of every type of electrical component a house might have. Lighting, wiring, appliances, and outlets will all be installed by your hired electrician. Specialty work may also be requested and done by your electrician. Many safety measures in a house are also taken care of by your electrical company, such as smoke detectors, and even a security system if needed.

Commercial electrical services resemble and coincide with residential work, but on a larger scale. There are also a lot of different codes and regulations to be followed when you are having electrical work installed during commercial construction. This is why there will be a certain set of electricians working on commercial property that have experience in this division, so you can be confident that the work being done will pass all inspections by your city. Other things to consider with commercial electrical work is that most buildings will need backup generators systems installed, or they need certain wiring to be installed that can handle the electrical currents that are required from a large commercial building.

Many people at one point will need to have something electrical repaired in their home or at their place of business. This is why it is good to establish a good working relationship with a local electrical company so that you can count on someone to fix whatever you need to have fixed. Emergency services are available with most major companies out there, meaning at any time you can call on your electrician to fix something for you. This especially reigns true if you have a good relationship with the company. No matter what type of work you require to be done, an electric company offers you a service at a fair price.


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  1. We adhere to safety standards and meet all OSHA, ANSI, federal, state, and local safety regulations. Electrical Services Company is uniquely qualified to meet the electrical needs of commercial and industrial companies.

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